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Analysis of the overall structure of handbags
May 18, 2017

In the market, we see a wide variety of handbags, forming type, if you combine them to analyse, it is not difficult to find that handbags have a structure on the common: front, rear, large wai, left, right, large Wai, the front, rear, substrate, the three basic components.

Some handbags, the front of a few pieces of mix, the raw materials of the beautiful merged into, the front is also mounted on the plane or three-dimensional front outer bags; the rear amplitude is also mounted; Tai Wai and out of the bottom and Zipper wai, large wai mounted on both sides of the symmetrical two-side bags, according to the use of consumers, in the above three basic components other than the components of the increase or decrease, so that the overall shape of the handbag changes variegated, complex.

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