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Brand meaning of female package
May 18, 2017

From the viewpoint of economics, brand refers to the cognition degree of consumer to product and product series.

As the definition of brand strategy development: brand is the result of these factors and a series of market activities, the form of an image of cognitive, sensory, quality cognition, and through these performance of customer loyalty, in general it belongs to an intangible asset, so the brand is as a kind of intangible assets.

The female package industry is likewise so, whether it is online shopping or physical store purchases, we can recognize that the product itself in addition to the quality of the problem, there is also the value-added brand, the total value of the package is the value of the package itself plus the brand added value of the package, and the package's brand added value may not be lower than the package's own values, this is the significance of large enterprises to create well-known brands!

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