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Cleaning skills of genuine leather bags
May 18, 2017

1. Wash oil stains can wash the grease directly, if not black, red and other deep colored fabrics available washing powder brush, if it is white fabrics, then the use of dilute bleaching water (1:10 diluted) directly with the teeth brush oil stains, can be removed;

2. Ballpoint pen traces have color fabric ballpoint pen, can be 95% alcohol treatment, before washing, coated with some white directly brush in the handwriting, not stained water, parked 5 minutes after routine treatment;

3. Fabric fading with concentrated brine soak for 1 minutes, salt water for water, with a soft brush with soap and light evenly;

4. Moldy with 40 degrees warm soap water soaked for 10 minutes, and then routine treatment, for pure white fabrics products can be soaked in soapy water, the moldy place in the sun to drying 10 minutes after the routine treatment;

5. Fabric dyeing fabrics with serious jeans blue when cleaning, you can wipe the soap in the first place in the pollution, with the soft brush dip cloth line gently brushing, repeated several times, until dyeing desalination, a little egg whites plus half a cup of hot water to reconcile, before washing with a brush brush dyeing place until the dyeing brush light, then routine treatment.

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