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Tips on Packages
May 18, 2017

No matter how high-end leather goods, if not regularly to the professional care shop maintenance, on weekdays themselves do not pay attention, will be used in the process of natural fats and fat over time, loss of original luster.

When the package is used, pay attention to avoiding direct light irradiation and heating baking. Also to avoid rain, damp, heavy pressure, scratch, mildew, acid, corrosive chemicals, at the same time, as far as possible to avoid wearing denim fabrics wear frequent friction, will occur dyeing phenomenon, often with dry cotton cloth wipe metal fittings, in case discoloration is not bright.

Collection, the first to clean the package, while in the package in the appropriate amount of clean cotton or paper pellets as a filler, used to keep the shape of the purse, and then put the bag into the soft cotton dust bag. Storage cabinets as a package also need to be well ventilated.

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