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Buying And Purchasing Skills Of Genuine Bags
May 18, 2017

1. Look at the surface of the leather face really clear pores, patterns, the cowhide pores thin and dense, irregular arrangement, the leather smooth, yellow cattle skin has more symmetrical fine pores, goat skins have a fish scaly pore;

2. Look at the cortex of the cross section of the cattle purse, purse and other cortex to turn out, the leather cortex is more loose, animal fibers, and artificial leather is more tightly, no fibers. Is the good imitation leather, the edge is also not to do with the same leather;

3. Pressing the leather surface with the finger to press the skin, the surface will have small wrinkles, when the fingers lifted, wrinkles immediately disappear is the dermis. Artificial leather and synthetic leather are not wrinkle, individual pressing after wrinkles, will not obviously disappear naturally;

4. The nail on the surface of the cortical pinch of nails, quickly disappeared and restored to the original is genuine leather, can not recover or a longer period of restoration is false skin;

5. Smell of leather and fake skin can also be distinguished by smell, the real skin apparently has a smell of animals, whereas the fake skin is relatively, while the stimulation of the plastic flavor;

6. Lit from the true leather and leather back to tear a little fiber, lit, where the pungent odor, forming a pimple is artificial leather;

7. Drops of water will be tiny droplets on the surface of the skin, a few minutes after the droplets through the pore spread, visible wet spots, indicating that the leather is absorbing moisture, it is proved to be genuine leather.