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Fashion Female Bag Chain Fade To Do
May 18, 2017

1. With cotton fiber stained 2%% of oxalic acid solution wipe off the surface of the fashion female package oxidation layer, then wash with water, with paper towels or suction cloth dry can.

2. If the fashion female pack chain appears rust stains Chen stains, can be used 10% of oxalic acid and lemon water and thick saline control wipe, until shiny, paper towels or absorbent cloth.

3. If the fashion female bag out of rust stains more serious, may also use a knife gently scraping, coated with early oil shade can.

Special remind a little, fashion female bag metal easy wear rust, also should be noticed that the summer or go out the travel drunk not to choose the chain shoulder strap or hardware decoration too many bags, because summer, travel body easy to sweat, it is easy to cause package metal oxidation.