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Handbag History Changes
May 18, 2017

Handbags, originally originated in the early 16th century, when the royal aristocracy in Europe held dances, the noble lady and celebrities to carry rouge and lipstick, then asked the tailor for them to make a delicate small pocket, exquisite, and can only hang in the hand bowl, so will not affect their dancing.

Before 18th century, women's handbags were not public, a woman's personal belongings in a small bag, close to the waist, they can from the skirt and underwear of the insulation reaches the bag, then the woman herself sewing the bags of these falls to the knee basin, from the skirt completely invisible.

By the time of the British regent, women began wearing a more transparent cotton skirt, the bag inside became a problem, because under a thin skirt hanging a heavy bag is very unsightly, so they began to use bags to mount fans and incense boxes, when these bags initially appeared on the woman's wrist, caused a little stir.

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