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How To Remove Package Odor
May 18, 2017

Method 1: Orange peel (fresh) in the bag, put a day out, and then cut a few small pieces of soap, put in the bag, and the whole block of large soap together sealed plastic bags for 3 days, after the taste will not.

Method Two: The household toilet paper is very ordinary fold a few, put into the flavor of the bag, the toilet paper to suck the smell away, ventilation, toilet paper can be used again, of course, still smell of use, similarly if the package is placed in another larger container than the package, surrounded by toilet paper, the bag outside the flavor can not be sucked away, please try it.

Method Three: Put a dot grapefruit peel into, or lemon peel, 2 days will not taste.

Method 4: The counters to buy new packages in the ventilation place for two days, go to taste, so we bought at the counters are not taste, Taobao bought bags from the open will be so, the general package in the home in the ventilated place will not taste.