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Material Description And Maintenance Of PU Leather
May 18, 2017

1.PU is a genuine leather texture, sturdy and durable, beautiful appearance, good care, good package of imports of PU leather, because of unique technology, quality and stability, varieties of novelty and other characteristics, for high-grade leather, prices and grades are no less than the first layer of dermis.

2. Leather bags are mainly used in the prevention of high temperature, mildew, acid, rain, pressure and overload of the material.

3. Clean with dry towel dry leather on the water and dirt, with high-grade leather cleaning liquid to clean it, and then use the high-grade leather brightener brushing a layer, drying in the cool and dry.

4. In the season to collect the leather bags before you have to clean their leather, and bags to put in a clean paper group or cotton sweater to keep the shape of the purse, and then put the purse into the soft cotton bag, collection in the cabinet and should avoid improper extrusion and deformation.