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Several Reasons For Choosing PU Leather Bags
May 18, 2017

Reason 1:PU leather pk, first, a little hit your weakness: PU cortex pack good care, low prices, and wear-resistant, save you spend a lot of time caring for it, and leather delicate, handle trouble, compared to the psychological pu skin is the upper hand.

Reason 2:PU skin is already quite mature in the production technology, even some of its functions such as leather flexibility, breathable and so on more than the dermis, and the dermis also divided nobles and civilians, so, good PU leather production technology, has made PU bags more than some so-called "dermis" a lot of excellence.

Reason 3: It is colorful, variety style, the popular pursuit and love of young people, do not know that you have noticed no, some leather bags, in the style is indeed some old, this is because of its material decided, and our PU leather female bags, because of the production line of advanced technology, can produce different patterns and styles, and colorful, design is not subject to fabric limitations.